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Beloved by the Japanese and welcoming to people from all over the world, the Kokyo Gaien National Garden, the Kyoto Gyoen National Garden, and the Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden are operated with the honor of being gardens that belong to the Japanese Royal family. Their elegance and long history behind them attracts a great many visitors. In terms of maintenance and preservation, each park comes under a branch of the Ministry of the Environment, who works with private societies for the presevation of the Kokyo Gaien National Garden, the Kyoto Gyoen National Garden, and the Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden.

While cities around the parks have been significantly urbanized, we maintain the beauty of nature as a oasis in the city. To upgrade our service, we will work closer and efficiently with the three private societies that are the National Gardens Association. The National Gardens Association’s aim is to maintain, preserve and improve the three gardens under the instruction of the government.


We aim to perform the following tasks:

  1. Preservation of the National Gardens
  2. Offer outstanding customer service to visitors
  3. Promote the preservation and use of the gardens.
  4. The operations related to national garden maintenance outsourced by The Ministry of Envionment.
  5. Support events held in the gardens hosted by the Government.
  6. In addition to those above, things we need to complete to achieve our goals.


We positively promote our service for preserving the environment and historical assets of the National Garden in cooperation with the Ministry of the Environment.

1. Preservation and use of parks Cooperating with national measures, taking into account the characteristics of national parks that are blessed with rich nature and historical assets in large cities, we strive to preserve the natural environment of each park, as well as contact with nature and exploring history. In order to use it as a place for events, we are conducting activities such as natural environment surveys, publication of information, nature observation meetings, in-house guide seminars, and photo contests etc…
2. Management of the garden – Commissioned business by the government, we are in charge of maintaining the garden including cleaning, patrolling, marketing and promotions, and giving information to the visitors.
3. Management of parking lots, playgrounds, and tea houses – We maintain parking lots, playgrounds (Kyoto Gyoen) and tea houses (Kyoto Gyoen and Shinjuku Gyoen).
4. Services – We operate restaurants, cafes and shops in the gardens.